A client to send content (text, phone numbers, addresses, URLs) to the Pastefire App on your iPhone.

Are you interested in the Mac OS X version...? See here...


need .Net 2.0 installed


Start the application (no need to install)
Insert your PasteFire Copy Zone credentials in the Settings panel that opens
Choose if you want PasteFireClient to notify what has been sent with a Tooltip and if you want to use a global hotkey to issue the "Send to PasteFire" action
If you change something in the hotkey section you have to close and restart PasteFireClient. Try to choose an hotkey not already defined by your applications, otherwise it won't work.
Click on OK
The application create a trayicon
To use it you must copy some text from an application (Notepad, etc...)
Then double clicking on the trayicon or selecting the popup menu "Send2PasteFire" send the text copied to the
If you have turned on the "Use hotkey" option you can send the text you have in your clipboard by pressing the hotkey you have defined (at the moment it only works if you use the hotkey)

There is an hardcoded limit for what is sent to the Copy Zone and for now it's 999 bytes.
I had problems with carriage returns and newline chars so at the moment they are replaced by spaces.


Windows: (XP SP2/3 - Vista - Windows 7)

20100414 - V0.5.3a Download
- Changed encoding of data posted to UTF-8... should handle better special chars

20100209 - V0.5.2a Download
- Changed some texts

20100209 - V0.5.1a Download
- Added a small Thred.sleep call to wait for CTRL+C async action to be completed

20100208 - V0.5a Download
- Added "Issue Ctrl + C" option

20100203 - V0.4a - Download
- Added more settings
    now you can choose the hotkey to "send2PasteFire" (it is required to restart the application on changing hotkey settings)
    now you can choose to have the app start with Windows
- Better icons
- Cleaned up code
- About box with more content
- Changed default hotkey to WIN + V

20100126 - V0.3
- Tooltip to notify what have been sent and error if clipboard does not contain text
- Global hotkey (hardcoded at this time - WIN+C)
- Settings panel (credentials - tooltips - use global hotkey)

Initial release

If you have installed versions prior to 0.5a you have to overwrite the PasteFireClient.exe.config and reconfigure settings

Author: Massimo Tofani

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