Pastefire Service

A system service to send content (text, phone numbers, addresses, URLs) to the PasteFire App on your iPhone.

Textedit**** This service is at the moment untested on Leopard ****

Instructions are for Snow Leopard only

To install, double click on the PasteFire icon
It will install a new Preferences Panel in the System Preferences
From there you can Install/Uninstall the "Send to Pastefire" Service
Set the credentials to the service and quit the System Preferences

Remember that to use the Pastefire service you don't have to insert your email and the password for your email account… the password can be anything you want - the only need is that these credentials must match those which you set in the Pastefire app settings on your iPhone

One installed the service is present in the Services menu of all the Cocoa applications and in all context menu where a text is selected (see image).
There is a default shortcut associated with the service (Ctrl + Shift + Command + V - yes, I know, you need 4 fingers to press it…).
To be sure that the service is recognized by applications you may have to quit and reopen applications that was already opened when you installed it. A logout/login could be the best way to make the system recognize the service.

You can also change the shortcut associated with the service (the default is Ctrl + Shift + Command + V) going into the Keyboard Preferences -> Keyboard Shortcuts and selecting Services from the left column, in the right column, scrolling, you'll get to the "Send to PasteFire" service.
The strange choice of the default shortcut is made to not conflict with common applications (Safari, TextEdit, Finder…).

To remove the PasteFire Preference panel you can right click on the icon in SystemPreferences and choose to remove it; remember to first uninstall the service.

- the content is posted using an HTTPS connection with the site
- the service lacks a visual feedback of success/failure - there is no visible output from the service (you can only check in the app of your iPhone to see if the content you have sent is there)
- very few options (only username / password)
- it may have problems with accented letters or special chars…
- I need feedback from users… If anyone with Leopard would like to test it…

2010-03-09: First release

Author: Massimo Tofani

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